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Warranty & Policies:

No Refunds, Returns, Exchanges or Store Credit on New Complete Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, CPUs, Memory, Software or Software sold with Computers, Laptop Power Adapters, Laptop and Computer Parts, Accessories, Laptop Screens, Tablet Screens, Cell Phone Screens, LED Monitors, CPU Fans, Heatsinks, Keyboards, DC Jacks, Cables, Virus Removal, Optimization, Data Backup, Data Transfer, All Special Orders, Labor, Repairs, Consultation, Installation Services, Opened Products, Abused Products, Used Products, Misused Products, Tampered or Altered Products, Missing UPC or Serial Numbers or Original Invoice or Packaging or Manuals or Accessories, Products Sold As Is.

All new Products are Warranted by and through their Manufacturers Warranties, which vary by Manufacturer and Product. Warranty on all new OEM Intel and AMD CPUs is Ninety Days. All new retail boxed CPU are covered under their Manufacturers standard warranty. One year warranty on new complete desktop computers. New laptops are covered by their manufacturers warranty.

No Warranty on Virus Removal, Trojan Removal, Spyware removal, Optimization, Operating System Installs, ALL Repairs and Services, Consultation, Acts of God or Weather, Lightening Strikes, Power Surges, Spikes, Brownouts, Damage from Abuse or Misuse, Dropped, Tampering, Altering, Fire or Smoke, Liquids, Wax, Food, Dirt, Dust, Sand, Hair, Fur, Insect Infestation or feces or Droppings, Hot or Cold exposure, Improper Installation or Handling of hardware or software or downloads, Overclocking or Work done by an Unauthorized or Inexperienced Technician or Person.

Any products that qualify for a refund are subjected to a 20 percent restocking fee. KBs Computer Warehouse, Inc. reserves the right to request identification and to deny or limit any sale, service, repair or return. Further information regarding our full policies, terms and conditions are posted in store.

All prices, products, websites, business hours, policies, services, repairs, warranties, terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

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